Fusion Bonded Extensions

Our expert technicians only work with top products, which means all the hair we use is 100% natural, ethically sourced hair, for a flawless finish.

Great Lengths produces over 55 hair colours including pastel, jewel and neon shades plus a palette of 17 blonde shades. These colours can be mixed and blended to
create the perfect effect for you.

For special effects and extra glamour, Great Lengths are a proud supplier of a range of Diamond Threads made with CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski elements.

All our hair is pre-bonded and arrives at our salon ready to attach discreetly to your own hair. The pre-attachment of bonds is very important as it means that the correct amount of hair is applied each time.The bond is pH balanced, which means it is kind to the hair and the scalp.


We recommend you book a consultation with a Images Hair Design Certified Specialist or Extentionsist 3-4months, or at least 4 weeks prior to your wedding or party.
This will give you enough time to plan, choose and trial your dream hairstyle.


Great Lengths hair extensions are available in 60 different colours and can be
precisely matched to your current hair colour. All of our certified stylists are trained to
seamlessly blend the hair extensions of an undetectable finish.


When applied by one of our certified stylists, Great Lengths hair extensions will not damage your hair. Our patented bonds mimic the natural keratin structure of human hair, avoiding additional strain on the natural hair. Unlike synthetic glues and other hair extension attachments, our bonds can be easily removed with a special gel that will avoid any damage to your hair.

“We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want to feel beautiful and choose hair extensions that will give you stunning hair for the big day and beyond.”


Weave Extensions

No heat, no glue

For more than 20 years Images Hairdressing has been specialising in hair extensions, and are now offering Weave extensions alongside the conventional process. 
The hair weave was first associated with afro hair types, but due to its versatility has now become popular with all types of hair. It is a fast and effective way to create a desired new hairstyle.

The process consists of corn rowing the desired sections of your hair then sewing a weft of hair directly to the cane rowed hair.
We offer half head weaves or rows of weave to create your desired look. A weave can add volume, length or you could add a fringe or maybe a flash of colour. You can have curly, straight, wavy, coloured, short or long hair…. Whatever look you want!

Luxury Remy Hair Extensions

Tape & Micro-ring

Remy’s hair is a specific type of hair extension. The old definition – is human hair that is mono directional which has the cuticle still intact. High-quality hair extension that comes from virgin hair that has never been chemically processed or treated.

Remy’s hair has long been held as “the” hair to have. Today’s definition for Remy’s hair has changed to include hair that has been chemically treated to get the most popular shades and colours. Today true Remy hair is still human hair that is mono directional although you can get Remy hair with the cuticle removed which is actually easier to care for.

Some Myths About Remy Hair

Long held myths abound when it comes to Remy hair extensions because it is such a high-quality material one of the largest myths is the cost. A lot of consumers are under the impression that Remy hair will cost thousands of pounds.
This type of hair extension can actually be quite affordable. You do not have to pay thousands of pounds! Another popular myth about Remy’s hair is the origins of the hair.

Many people falsely believe that Remy hair is only cultivated from Indian hair making it very dark in colour and only usable for people of colour. Remy hair is human hair that can be cultivated from around the world, not just Asia!
Remy hair is also believed by many to be an ultra rare hair type, again this is simply not true.

The Remy Difference

Remy hair extensions are considered one of the top choices in extensions because of the difference. Synthetic hair does not wear as well, it is not as easy to style and maintain. Synthetic hair looks synthetic and does not offer the same styling possibilities as human hair extensions.

Even when you compare Remy hair to other natural hair options the quality of the Remy hair is evident. It is silkier more luxurious feeling than other lower quality human hair options. Depending on the after care you use it can last up to 6 months.

The Remy difference is easy to spot on anyone that has Remy extensions because you can NOT spot the extensions! This type of extensions is easier to use and lasts up to four times longer than other options. It is the choice of celebrities and models and can now be the choice of anyone that wants a high-quality set of extensions.
Remy hair extensions are the more affordable option because it is long lasting which offers the best value for the money!

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“Hair is fab and lasts ages!”

I’ve ordered about 5 times in the last year and the hair is fab! It really lasts ages and is really good compared to other brands. The colour match was perfect every time!”

“Love love love the hair!!”

I’ve ordered about 15 times over the last 2 years, Love love loves the hair, best quality ever and wouldn’t consider using any other brands now!”

“Best quality of hair I’ve tried!”

“I’ve ordered the Remy range about 16 times in the past two years. I love it more than any other brands, best quality of hair I’ve tried”


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